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Club History

Naming of Governors Towne Club

Seven Eagles was originally the name of Governors Towne Club. The land for Seven Eagles was purchased by Kenneth G. Horton from a gentleman named Otis Brumby, publisher of The Marietta Daily Journal. Otis’ Grandfather, Thomas M. Brumby, co-founded the Brumby Chair Company in 1875. Otis Brumby was a good friend and cousin of Governor Roy Barnes. So naturally, Roy Barnes was the attorney who handled legal matters for Otis Brumby.

Due to the fact that Seven Eagles land fell in both Cobb County and Paulding County, the multi-county land development would pose a challenge, and Mr. Horton decided Roy Barnes would be a good person to keep in mind should he need a favor. That favor never came to fruition because in 2002, Roy Barnes was not elected for another term.

Mr. Horton had a friend who he consulted with many times, Carl Sanders, also a former Governor of Georgia, who lived just a few miles from the land that became Governors Towne Club.

It occurred to Mr. Horton Georgia Governors seemed to be a recurring theme during the development of the land. He was never truly happy with the name Seven Eagles, either. Thus, the second name, Governors Club was born. None the less, it seemed another club in North Carolina had already claimed the name. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem, however they had a trademark and patent on the name.

The Governors Towne Square was also in its conception at this point, so adding Towne to Governors Club seemed like the natural progression. Hence, the third and final name, Governors Towne Club was born.